Got a great story.

Ready to make your video.

But before you get started you’re already stuck because you don’t know how long your video should be?
We hear this question ALL the time and everyone has an opinion, under 60 seconds, under 2 minutes, short short short! So how do you know how long it should be? Well, after making videos for social media for over 10 years we’ve discovered that duration doesn’t really matter.

“Whaaaat?” I hear you holla “That doesn’t help me!”

Ok, ok, I’ll explain a little more. You know when you are having a coffee with a friend and they start telling you about this really crazy thing that happened to them. You’re on the edge of your seat and you want to know more, you want to hear all about it and find out what happened in the end. Do you care if the story takes them 30 seconds to tell you? What if it took 5 minutes? If you want to know the whole story then you’re not going to tell them to hurry up and get to the punch line.

Even if they’re a bad storyteller you’re unlikely to tell them to shush and drink their coffee… (or maybe you would, I don’t know what kind of friend you are, but assuming you’re the good kind) so they get to the end and you feel fulfilled and are glad you heard their story.

It’s the same with a video, if it’s a good story you’re going to stick around to watch it. So that’s why I say duration doesn’t really matter, it’s the story that’s important.

That said, there are a few good pointers to follow to figure out how long to make your video. Such as which platform you’re going to put it on- Facebook, Insta or YouTube etc. All these platforms have preferred durations that their audiences respond to.

Is it an advertisement or a marketing video, a product promo or an event.

This episode on ‘How long should my video be?’ Is packed full of ideas, tips and tricks and we cover a number of essential things to consider when you’re working out your videos duration. So listen or watch the video to find out all you need to know.

If you have a burning question then reach out and ask us. We’d love to help you and we love to talk video… weird I know but it’s our thing.



Key Points to Remember

If you’re short on time and just want to skip to the episode highlights

00:52 How long should my video be? Platform sweet spots & things to consider.

01:38 The truth about story.

02:52 What different platforms want.

04:06 How to use different durations.

05:46 The importance of video titles in search

07:07 Why use multiple platforms

08:05 The importance behind subtitles

11:06 To summarise.


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