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The mission of Moonshine Agency is to create quality films that move audiences to action.  Many of our titles focus on important social issues.  As a result, we choose to self-distribute many of these titles to ensure they reach the broadest possible audience as well as working with third-party distributors and television networks around the world.

By purchasing from the Moonshine Agency Shop you are supporting the independent production of screen content that advocates for social change both today and in the future.

Thank you for your interest and support in the work of Moonshine Agency.

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In a gentle way, you can shake the world.

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Take Heart

The quest to rid Australasia of Rheumatic Heart Disease.

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Little Stars

Accomplishing the extraordinary in the face of serious illness.

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LIFE Before Death

A collection of films about living well and dying better.

Available On:

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Back catalog titles still available here.

Life Asked Death

Developing Palliative Care in Asia.

Available On:

Jokes On You

Comedian Eddie Ifft performs his ultimate comedy set.

Available On:


Outrageous comedy special starring Matt Pritchard.

Available On:

Moonshine Agency Shop

These titles are coming soon!


Conquering Cancer

Making history by eliminating Cervical Cancer everywhere.

Coming Soon!

Innovation High

New School Education.

Coming Soon!

A Stitch In Time

Women’s journeys towards breast cancer prevention.

Coming Soon!

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