Create multiple pieces of content from one video 

This week, we’re zoning in on something communications executives, filmmakers and content creators have been keeping under wraps for far too long. The skill of taking one piece of content and turning it into many pieces of content. 

Yes, we promise it’s possible! And you don’t have to be a prodigy to pull it off. You don’t even have to have hours of time to spare either. 

Because keeping up with all those content platforms suck as Facebook, Instagram. YouTube and LinkedIn can be like a full time job in itself. And when you add your website, company newsletter and other sites like Pinterest and Reddit into the mix, you end up racking your brain for a way to clone yourself just to stay on top of it all. 

But guess what? You don’t have to clone yourself! You just have to understand how to clone your content. And that’s what we’re cracking open in this article. 

So stick with us if you want to learn how to repurpose your content and turn it into multiple. 

Repurposing: a content creator’s secret weapon 

We love repurposing content at Moonshine Agency. It’s an amazing way to get more out of your hard work. It also helps to increase your engagement, boost your reach and give your content the best chance to be seen and adored by your audience.

And you just need one excellent piece of master content to get started. We usually begin with a long form video – given we’re filmmakers – but you could also kick off with a blog or a podcast.

For example, we create a weekly YouTube series called Moonshine Moonshot where we help aspiring filmmakers, communications professionals and content creators make and share amazing videos. We publish new episodes every week – but we also use the content for each of these episodes for a weekly blog and podcast (yep – this blog you’re reading actually began as a YouTube video. Check out the episode above).

We also take extracts from the video, podcast and blog to create a series of social media posts to share across our company LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. And nine times out of ten we’ll use the topic of one of the videos to craft our monthly company newsletter too.

Cool, huh?

Let’s go a bit further and walk you through the steps. Keeping in mind that this blog uses video as the master content piece. 

But here’s one more tip before we move on.

Batch your content!  If you’re starting with a master video series like we do with Moonshine Moonshot, be sure to film multiple episodes in one go.  We usually work with a maximum of 5, but it’s really up to you. 

Once you’ve got a video, be sure to share it far and wide

Before you start slicing, dicing, creating blogs and recording podcasts, you need be publishing your video to every platform you can. 

Because once you’ve put in all that time and energy into researching, scripting, storyboarding, filming and editing your video, you’ll want to make the most of it. And that means putting it to work. 

Get it on YouTube. Tweet about it. Post it on IGTV and share it to your Facebook page. Add a link in your next eDM and even share it at your next company-wide meeting or event. 

Put simply, the more places it can be seen, the better. You might even want to generate a free QR code linking to your video so you can add it to some marketing or branding collateral you’re printing.  

There really are lots of places to get your master piece of content out into the world – so do it! 

Ok. Let’s find out how to turn it into many. 

Create a blog from your video 

Blogs are a terrific way to make friends with Google. If you pick the right keywords, you can actually get your business to page one on Google by blogging, which will drive traffic and conversions. Win!

But finding the time and energy to write a new, SEO rich blog for your site every week can feel impossible. And that’s where your video can help.

Take the topic discussed and mould it into an 800 – 1200 word blog article. You can do this by watching it a few times and taking note of the key discussion points. Or to make things even simpler, you can get your video transcribed via a platform like Rev so you have a word document to start from. 

Make a podcast from your video 

Podcasts are a big deal these days. Almost everybody has one. And so can you! Especially if you’ve got a video or a blog post to begin with. 

Your video or blog can easily be converted into an audio file and published to the podcast apps like Spotify or Apple Podcasts. We use our blog article as basis of the script and record a version of it in house. But if that sounds like too much work, you could also just export the audio file direct from your video and publish that. Our only tip would be to add an intro and outro so it fits with the expected podcast format. 

Here’s a link to the Moonshine Moonshot podcast  in case you’re interested! 

Create micro version of your video, podcast and blog to share across social 

You’ll never regret having a catalogue of content to share across your social channels to help promote your video, blog or podcast. 

And how do you that? By creating micro versions of each! 

Watch your video and identify a few sections that you could cut down into a 30 second, 1 minute or 2 minute videos. We call this versioning and you can learn more over here. 

You can do something similar with your podcast – a platform called Waave is a great tool to help with this. Don’t discount your blogs either! Take a few lines and turn them into captions or graphic text posts with a little help from your graphic designer (or Canva if you prefer to DIY). 

And always, always remember to include a CTA in your caption telling your followers to read, listen or watch more via the full blog, podcast or video! 

Here’s a quick rundown of how to create multiple pieces of content from one video 

First, film your video and share it across YouTube, Facebook, your website, Instagram and anywhere else you or your company has a presence. 

Then create a blog from that video, either by rewatching it and taking a few notes or getting it transcribed. 

Use that blog to create a podcast – or rip the audio from your original video and do it that way if your prefer. 

From there, create micro versions of your video, blog and podcast and share them across your social channels. 

And look at that  – you’ve just create enough content to last you a month (or more!) 

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