Repurpose Your Video Content With Versioning.

Today we’re talking about how to repurpose your video content with versioning. Put simply, it’s the ultimate in multi-tasking!

Ok so it’s not quite a ‘Hallelujah’ moment but it’s pretty exciting when you realise that the video you’ve already made can be repurposed to make MANY videos.

Why is it so exciting?

In the current climate, video production is really hard. Social distancing can make it almost impossible. And depending on where you’re located, you might not be able to get out and film anything at all. Or perhaps you just don’t want to?

But if you already have a video, you can actually repurpose your video. You can apply a couple of simple editing techniques to update it, make it current and now it will suit a number of social platforms.


Voila! Your one video has multiple versions and uses. AND you don’t need to invest in a whole new production.
How is this possible, how do you do it?

We give you loads of options and ideas in this episode of the Moonshine Moonshot podcast ‘How to repurpose your video content with versioning.’ Everything from adding updated end cards, to grabbing pithy quotes for insta. There’s a mountain of options.

After you’ve watched or listened you’ll not only know how to maximise on your video investment to get maximum bang for your buck. But as a side brag, you’ll also be in the know on the lingo because you’ll know what versioning is. So you can drop that in your team meeting and wow the pants off your marketing team!!!

You’re welcome, hope we’ve made your day!


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