Video Types and Their Uses

This week we’re talking all about video types and their uses.

If you were a video you might ask yourself, what video type do I want to be? Funny, inspiring, informative or educational? What is my purpose?

Ok, out of fantasy land and back to the real world. You want to make a video but you’re not sure about video types and their uses. Let’s take it back one more step.

What type of videos are there? Because once you know what video types there are, and what they can be used for, it’s going to make your decision on what to make a lot easier.

Video types

Generally, web videos fit into four categories. Inspiring. Informative. Entertaining. Educational.

So which one of these categories does your communication idea fit into, how do you choose one?

It’s not hard once you have an understanding of what each one does. In this weeks episode, Mike and I are working through these categories and the video types that fit into them. We then discuss what sort of videos work in each category.

Video Uses

For example, educational videos can be training videos, capacity building, knowledge building or ‘how to’ videos. Their purpose is to educate the audience in some way.

Whereas entertaining videos can be funny, story-driven, creative and provoke emotion. There are many styles and options but their purpose is to entertain the audience. People want to share entertaining videos, they may not remember what they were about two days later but they’ll remember how it made them feel.

There’s a lot to unpack and we’ve got loads of examples and ideas in this weeks episode on Video Types and Their Uses.

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