Should you create content or find an audience first? 

Should you create content or find an audience first? t’s an age old question. Ok maybe not but it’s certainly got the chicken or egg vibe that the human race has been pondering since the dawn of time…don’t you think? 

It’s something we discuss a lot at Moonshine Agency so we thought we’d dissect it in this blog post. 

Mike says: “You really need to find an audience for your content, rather than the other way around.” 

But Sue? Well she thinks the complete opposite to be honest. Sue firmly believes that the content needs to be produced first – and then it can be tailored for its audience, 

And why does Sue think this (especially when she is such an advocate for all content creators to clue in on their audience before charging ahead with a new video or film project)? 

Because it can dilute your point of view. And in Sue’s words “your point of view is really important.” 

That’s not to say that you should just throw caution to the wind and start releasing content without giving any though to who you’re talking to. 

(Actually, that’s absolutely fine to do. It just might not reach or connect with people in the way you’d hoped). 

But you should always ensure that your content is meaningful to you as the creator. 

Here’s why. 

There’s no ‘u’ in content but there really should be 

Because you are at the heart of your content and if it doesn’t resonate with you as an individual, then you’re not going to get any satisfaction producing it, are you? 

You want your content to reflect your perspective. And opinion. Not to mention your offering and your value. We know it sounds a little self-interested but you obviously have something worth sharing with the world. Why else would you be considering publishing content anyway? 

That being said, if you want your content to do more than just be seen by you and your closest friends or family, you need to ensure that it answers your audience’s questions. Or entertains them. Or educates them on something they’d never heard about. 

Which means it is really important to get some insight into who your audience is and what makes them tick (or click!) before you put your content out in the world. 

Our tip? Think about what you care about, be mindful of what your audience cares about and then craft your content. 

Analyse your existing content before you create new content 

Getting familiar with who your content is connecting with is super important. But it’s not always easy to pinpoint. It often comes back to throwing things out there and seeing what sticks. 

And how do you figure what’s sticking? Analytics! 

We get it – the word analytics might not light up your heart, especially if you’re a true blue creative with a fear of numbers and data. But the analytics tools in Google, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram really are a content creator’s best friend. 

They’ll tell you who’s clicking, what they’re clicking on and when they’re tapping out. Not to mention the brand demographic they fit into, like their age bracket, gender and geographical location.  

You can also do your own research by taking a closer look at your followers. Which ones are engaging with your content? What other types of content are they also interested in? 

Another tip is to check out the competition. What are they putting out there – and what’s intriguing their fans? 

This is all pretty easy to do (if you schedule in some time to actually do it) and it’s a great way to guide your next batch of content. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment

It really is ok to play with different types of content or ways of expressing yourself. 

Some things will work, some things won’t – but that’s ok. That’ all part of the parcel of content creation. 

Of course, it can be tricky to make traction when you’re just starting out. And that’s where Sue’s online course Define Your Ideal Audience can be an incredible help. 

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