Why multiple videos are better than one 

The saying might be less is more – but sometimes more is more. Especially when it comes to video content. Why? Because your audience is crazy for content. And all types of content too. From podcasts to blogs, social media posts and long form articles – they can’t get enough.

But video is what they’re really into and they’re watching more of it than ever before. In fact,  it’s estimated that the amount of video watched online has likely doubled since 2018. 

So what does this mean for you as a budding video creator? Put simply, it means you need to be making lots and lots of videos to keep your audience firmly fixed on you and your brand. 

If the little voice in your head has suddenly started screaming: “But I’ve just gotten up to speed on how to make one great video. Now you’re telling me I need to create multiple?” , you can kindly ask it to pipe down. 

Yes, that is exactly what we’re saying – but, the good news is that once you have your winning video strategy in place, you can take that strategy and apply it to all your future videos. Easy! 

Unsure where to begin with your video strategy? Not to worry. Head here first and jump back to this post once your video strategy is sorted.  

Staying with us? Fantastic! We’re going to walk you through the key benefits of multiple videos and  why more is always better. 

Finding the sweet spot with a suite of videos 

The world watches an astonishing amount of video, One billion hours every day to be exact. And that’s just on YouTube alone. When you bring streaming services into the mix …sigh. The mind boggles. 

But this is absolutely something you can take advantage of as a video creator. With so many eyeballs searching for videos, there is a lot of opportunity to build real rapport and a long-lasting connecting with the ones that click play on your content.  

So how do you that? To begin with, it’s really important to think of your video content as a suite of content, rather than a one hit wonder.

Why you ask? Because it will enable you to build engagement with your audience over an extended period of time. 

Remember the late 90s when you’d wait breathlessly for the next episode of Sex And The City to air? Or perhaps that wasn’t what you were into. Maybe you were more of a Melrose Place or The Sopranos fan. Perhaps you were born in the late 90s and these references mean nothing to you –don’t worry, you’ll understand what we’re getting at in a second. 

Anyway back to your favourite TV shows of last century. Once the episode finished, you always needed to know what would happen next right? That’s what made you keep watching week after week. The constant  questioning of what a character would or wouldn’t do. The anxious countdown until you’d know for sure. 

For all our Gen Z readers, it’s a bit like getting to the end of a series on Netflix and then having to wait months and months for series 2. It keeps you engaged and wanting –yep here comes that word again – more. 

When done well, your video content can have a similar effect.  

More videos gives your audience (and the algorithms) a chance to love you

On the flip side – have you ever signed up to a subscription service to catch one particular program, watched it through and then unsubscribed because there wasn’t enough of the content you like on that particular platform? We’ve all been there. 

To throw it back to the videos you’re creating, your audience needs time to get know you, to figure out who you are and why they should care about you and your content. So if you only make video, you don’t give them the opportunity to come back for more.

Algorithms are the same. Whether you publish to YouTube, streaming channels or your social accounts, the algorithms on each of these platforms respond really well to multiple videos from the same creator. They’re likely to serve you content again and again, especially if people are enjoying it. Of course, there’s got to be more content to serve.

And why is that? Because these algorithms work to keep audiences engaged with their platform. So if you can create more content that keeps people glued to their platform for longer, it’s a win-win. A win for the platform. A win for you. Oh! And a win for the audience. Hmm – should that be a win-win-win then?

Overnight success is a myth 

Have you ever wondered how some videos go “viral” while others barely get 10 views? Was the viral video topical? Did it have a clickbait-y title? Is the creator just ridiculous lucky? 

All of these things might come into play, but what you’ll often find is that the videos that do go viral – we’re talking views in the millions here – have a long list of videos propping them up into the spotlight. 

As great as it sounds, there’s really no such thing as an overnight success. 

Those creators who’ve had videos go viral, have most likely been slogging it out for months, sometimes years. Consistently publishing content, building their audience, figuring out what works and establishing a sense of trust and authority with viewers. 

Until – finally – one of their videos captures exactly what people are interested in and knocks it out of the park. 

Or to the top of the Google search results at least. 

Say it with us – the more videos, the better! 

We hope this post has helped you understand the importance of a having suite of video content instead of a one-and-done approach. 

But if you want a refresh on the key points we mentioned, here’s a simple snapshot: 

Multiple videos are a great way to: 

  • Build rapport and an enduring connection with your audience 
  • Get on the good side of the algorithms and ensure your content is severed up again and gain 
  • Potentially go viral! Because overnight success is a total myth.

If you’re wondering where to go from here, our team would love to help you navigate the world of video production. You can get in touch with us by emailing hello@moonshine.agency. Or, head over to our YouTube channel where we share all our tips and tricks on making awesome video content. Don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there!