Amy Perera

Amy Perera Production Coordinator at Moonshine Agency

Production Coordinator

Lorraine Kabbindi White Moonshine Agency

Amy is a dedicated filmmaker who earned her Bachelor of Film and Television from Swinburne University of Technology in 2018. Initially captivated by VFX make-up artistry at the age of 11, she discovered her true calling as a producer/production co-ordinator during high school.

Since joining the industry, Amy has actively contributed to diverse media projects, spanning from short films to TV broadcasts, and more recently, advertising. Her professional journey has sparked a realisation of how her skills and passions can be harnessed to create a meaningful impact on diverse communities, leading her to join the Moonshine Agency team.

While relatively new to the team, Amy is resolute in utilising her expertise for positive change. Through her contribution to Moonshine Agency’s impactful film productions, Amy aspires to raise awareness about crucial subjects and make a significant difference in the world by reaching a wide array of audiences through effective distribution and production strategies.