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About Moonshine Agency

Thanks for spending some of your precious time discovering Moonshine Agency.

We are a specialist film & video production company focused on telling authentic stories that matter. 

We believe in creating exceptional experiences for those we work with.  The reviews on Google speak to this commitment.  Simply Google “Moonshine Agency” to check them out.

We specialise in film & video production and our work has been recognised with over 50 awards.

Whilst being a leading video production company, we also provide complimentary services across all communications channels as our clients require.

This makes it simple for you by providing a full-service experience in addition to your production needs, which can include high-quality campaign design, copywriting, photography, advertising & marketing.

Our experienced team has a plan that will make it simple and fun for you to produce remarkable results and make a huge impact through the stories you tell.

In summary, we are experienced, creative, have a plan, and are here to deliver exceptional experiences every time because we believe in what we do.

We do this for two reasons:

1.  Stories are the way we connect and always have been.  The art of storytelling has developed over millennia.  It’s the best way humans have found to share and impart information in a memorable way.  Stories recognise that we are emotional animals and function according to the principles of empathy.

2.  Visuals are by far the most efficient way to carry messages.  The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than it does text. People watch more than they read, much more.  The messages we receive through moving pictures are retained over twice as well as when we read them.

As a result, we believe that stories can change the world.

Tell Your Story, Change The World

Roughly half our capacity is dedicated to providing exceptional experiences for our clients.

The other half is dedicated to in-house impact film projects that allow us to lead, learn, innovate, and enhance our skills.

We have produced many of these project over the years including Hippocratic, Take Heart and Life Before Death to name a few.

And we always have several in production at any given time like the current slate including Conquering Cancer, Futurists World and Innovation High.

We do this because we believe in these stories and their potential to make an impact.


We believe in making a difference through insight, creativity, innovation, people and good old-fashioned hard work.

By investing our time in building positive, respectful relationships with our staff, collaborators and audiences we create a space for everyone to feel comfortable to express their ideas and bring innovation to every project.

Our well-oiled internal processes ensure that our excellent work is completed efficiently which leaves head space for exploration and creativity.


Stories shape our world and the story of Moonshine Agency is no different.  We have shaped our company through supercharged efficiency and commitment to being ‘united, efficient and organised’.

We also take our social responsibility seriously, offering a considerable percentage of our time to important pro bono work. 

This has allowed us the opportunity to grow personally as well as professionally, master our trades, stay on trend and continue to up-skill.

There is always more to learn and more to create so we bring people into our team that share our vision and expand our horizons.


We work very hard to ensure that we are all communicating effectively and this is because we know that things go sideways easily when we are not on the same page.

By making the time to explain our vision and create positive relationships with everyone involved, we build a trust and understanding which allows for open communication, ambition and innovation.

We also have solid, tried-and-tested processes in place to keep check on our performance and keep us all on track.

Customer Service

We couldn’t do what we do without our fantastic customers and treasured collaborators.  

Working with good people who share our values and vision brings both opportunities and rewards.  

It’s a great pleasure to be complimented regularly by our customers on the quality of the work, our ability to deliver what they wanted and the little extras we always seem to bring to their projects.

We are rewarded and complimented when our collaborators refer us to others.

We’re blowing our own trumpet here so please do check out the testimonials section to see what our customers have to say about us!

Are you wondering how video could work to advance your mission?

No problem, just take us up on our offer for a free consultation to discuss your ideas. We love to talk about ‘video’.

Call us or send an email.  Just click your choice of a button to the right.

“Our Mission is to Move Humanity Forward”

Our Video Production Company Story

Moonshine Agency was founded in 2010.

Since its inception, Moonshine Agency’s core team has produced work with dozens of collaborators around the world that has been consumed by millions of diverse audience members, distributed internationally and recognized by a variety of awards.

The name Moonshine is a playful word that reminds us every day of things that make us smile like human aspiration (man on the moon), eccentricity (homebrew) and our mission (to bring light to the darkness).

Above all, the common theme is our passion for collaborating with good people doing great work toward a better tomorrow.

We hope that you’ll become part of that story sometime soon!

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