How To Use Your Video for Advocacy - Ep 18

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How to use your video for advocacy.

It’s been about 10 years since I started making impact films.  A large part of these films and associated campaigns is about advocacy.

Casting my mind back a decade, using the word advocacy seemed to be quite negative. People seemed to connect advocacy with eco-warriors and aggressive campaigning. 

We even had interviewees requesting we don’t use Advocate in their on-screen title.

Glad that’s changed.

Public opinion on advocacy has softened and people now understand that advocacy is simply advocating for something you believe in. Or rather raising awareness and asking for change. 

Advocacy can take many forms but we are focused on video for advocacy, mostly because we’re filmmakers to that’s our thing.

If you’re looking for a way to share information, generate awareness, tell a story that gets people into action, or want to get people fired up to make change, video is a great tool.

Not only can you tell a story with video but it makes it easy to share with the world.  You can easily share it online, across social media, add it to your email signature, share links, host screenings.  So many options.

In this weeks episode, Mike and I break down how you can use video for advocacy to progress your mission. 

Check it out and let us know what you think?  Was it helpful?

Our goal is to WOW you with great tips that help you make great content. The world needs more great content. There’s no shortage of boring videos so avoid the pitfalls by learning how to make engaging videos that make an impact by following this series.

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