How To Make Your Own Video Series

It seemed like a good time to put together guide around how to make your own video series. Everyone is binge watching. No-one wants to wait, especially now that they don’t have to.

I still remember the days when you had to wait an agonising week to see the next episode of your favourite TV show. The memories of Twin Peaks are flooding back to me now. It was winter, it was cold, I was still in high school and my family we’re all early to bed. So I’d be left in the lounge room, huddled under my blanket, watching this very creepy show. Desperate to know what would happen next. The episode would end with questions still unanswered. And to make matters worse not only did I have to wait a whole other week for more but I was so creeped out I couldn’t go to bed without turning on every light and jumping at every noise. Which I’m sure drove my parents nuts.

But if I could have watched them in an all out marathon, I would have done it.

That’s how it is when you find a show you love. You want more and you want it now!

Thats’ why video series works and why you should think about making your own. Sure you can make stand alone content of any duration but think about the opportunity of creating a series that has your audience coming back for more.

You don’t have to make a full length TV style series. You could make a series of 2 minute Facebook videos. There are some very useful tips we can share on how to get your series working well and attracting an audience.

We’ve made may series for a variety of platforms and styles. We’re just about to launch and new streaming series called Futurists.World on YouTube so it’s fresh in our minds.

In today’s episode we’re going to talk about how to come up with the theme for your work to keep the series consistent. What durations you should consider, and how to put the series out into the word to grow your audience.

You can listen to the podcast on how to create your own video series or watch the video on YouTube, links below.
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