Keith Thomas

Sound Engineer

Keith is a multi-award winning sound designer for film, TV, radio and web with over 20 years experience in sound design and mixing.

Keith has worked on well-known TV series including Utopia, The Katering Show and Angry Boys and films including Mary & Max, Noise and Crackerjack.

Keith has been a key collaborator of Moonshine Agency over many years, including on feature films Hippocratic, Life Asked Death, Take Heart, Little Stars and Life Before Death.

Crafting inspiring campaigns that find, emotionally engage and activate your audience to become your best customers and brand ambassadors.

Creating impact films and TV series designed to have a social impact by engaging, entertaining and inspiring audiences to make the world a better place.

Developing and producing bold, daring, high-impact scripted feature films and television series that make a difference.

Moonshine Agency is a diverse communications, creative content and marketing company that offers a range of specialist services that can be viewed here.

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