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Futurism and Foresight

Futurism and foresight? Big picture thinking? What next?

If you watch the news then you know the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Just a thirty minute update nightly can have your anxiety levels peeking, and no report is ever thinking beyond some current catastrophe.  You may as well sit in the corner with a sign saying ‘The end is nigh’ and be done with it.

Or you could spend some time with a futurist.

Turns out the human race is capable of big things, and there are humans applying themselves to long term visionary thinking that could push humanity forward.  Imagine that, a world with a shinning future.

We’ve been travelling the world talking to all kinds of folks about what the future could look like and now we’ve put it all into a neat little streaming series called Futurists.World. 

In this weeks episode 4 of the Moonshine Moonshot podcast we’re discuss why we made the series and how we’ve turned our impact filmmaking skills to a different purpose- to influence humanity to think long term and be future focused.

Join us to find out more on the podcast or video with Mike Hill and Sue Collins


If you’re short on time and just want to skip to the episode highlights

00:37 Why make a show about Futurism and Foresight?

02:30 What’s wrong with the news?

04:08 One thing all futurists have in common?

04:45 How Arthur C Clarke inspired the series.

06:04 The topic’s Futurists World covers and who stars in the series

You can find Futurists.World at

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