Do you struggle with your message? - Ep 20

Moonshine Moonshot

Do you struggle with your message?

How often do you get asked ‘What do you do?’  At a guess, I’d say, probably the first time you meet anyone new. It’s easy to answer, you’re a lawyer, teacher, doctor, artist, parent etc etc

But this is not the same as telling someone your purpose, the reason why you do what you do.  That’s your message.

If you work in marketing, communications, advertising or even film making you’d be familiar with the elevator pitch concept. Basically, you can tell someone your idea clearly and effectively in the time it takes to travel in an elevator from the first to the third floor.  Approximately 15 seconds.  When you step out of that elevator you want them saying ‘this is a great idea, tell me more.’ Sounds easy but it’s surprisingly hard.  And getting your message this succinct is really important if you want to get people on the journey with your project, brand or product.

People often try to be really clever, or witty, or sound super smart.  They forget it’s about getting your purpose across really fast so that it’s immediately obvious and the person knows what they are there for.

For example, our company Moonshine Agency specialise in impact film making and communications.  But impact filmmaking is a relatively new form of filmmaking and a lot of people don’t really know what it is, so telling people I’m an impact filmmaker isn’t very useful.  It usually leads to blank faces, more questions or worse, silence.  Let’s face it, it can be awkward and for some people too embarrassing to admit they don’t understand what you’ve just told them. And that’s not what you want to achieve.

Our company vision is to ‘Move humanity forwards.’ Again, with no context, it doesn’t really mean anything. But if I say ‘We make great videos.’ Bam, you know what we do.  Simple.  And that’s where you want to get to with your own message.

In this episode of the Moonshine Moonshot series we’re asking you ‘Do you struggle with your message?’ and then unpacking how you can develop a really great message that you can use all the time, in conversation, in marketing and in life. Yea! One less dilemma to face.

Our goal is to WOW you with great tips that help you make great content. The world needs more great content. There’s no shortage of boring videos so avoid the pitfalls by learning how to make engaging videos that make an impact by following this series.  In the Moonshine Moonshot series Mike Hill and Sue Collins discuss how to make the impossible possible with weekly episodes diving into new topics. They share loads of tips and info on how to improve your communications and generate results for your projects.

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