5 ways to write an effective YouTube description

Smart marketing on YouTube begins with an effective video description. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, but you need to use it correctly to get the most out of its search capability and reach your audience.

Along with your video title and tags, YouTube uses your description to understand what your video is about. When you write a great description it can boost your subscriber count and the number of views your video gets. The description can also work to increase your SEO ranking and help your video list in the suggested search section, which means more people will find it.

So how do you create an effective YouTube description that magnifies your message? Follow our top five strategies below.

1. Identify your video’s keyword or search term.

What one word or key phrase accurately describes your content? You need to identify the terms your audience is plugging into their search engine.

2. Put the keyword in the title of your video.

If you don’t like how it sounds in the title, it’s probably not the keyword. The words you choose are critical to YouTube marketing. If they doesn’t align with your video’s topic, you’re unlikely to be found.

3. Put your keyword into the first three sentences, at least two or three times.

YouTube puts more weight on these first sentences, so place the keyword up front. This is also important for click through rates as it’s what people see in their search and it will determine if they watch.

4. Write at least 200 words, more when you can, and use the keyword two more times through the body of the text.

Focus on what the viewer will get out of watching your video – but don’t keyword stuff, which can read badly.

5. Find another popular video on your topic and check their description for keywords.


You’re not trying to copy their descriptions, but you are trying to pick out the keyword that also match your video and can be used in your description. Using a keyword that’s also mentioned in a video about the same topic means your video is more likely to show up in suggested videos because YouTube will recognise it as similar topic.

Want a bonus tip? Here are some quick points to help you pick the perfect tag:

  • Make your most relevant keyword your first tag
  • Identify alternative keywords – is there another way of saying the keyword? What is a similar word people might be searching?
  • Add your name or your channel’s name as a tag

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