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“Good content isn’t about good storytelling. It’s about telling a true story well” ~ Ann Handley

We are so honoured to have had the opportunity of producing over 50 videos for the Queen Victoria Market and South Melbourne Market.  Producing videos for markets is something we love to do because of the priceless social benefits markets bring to their communities.

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Celebrate your market’s history

Does your market have a long and colourful history?  Highlighting what makes your market special on social platforms will attract not only the local community, but visitors from far-and-wide. Short videos on these platforms enable you to meaningfully connect with your audience, quickly and succinctly, and generate much higher message retention.

To celebrate its 150th Birthday, South Melbourne Market comissioned us to make a series of My Market stories reflecting on its history, featuring rare historical photos from the local council’s archives.

My Market Story - South Melbourne Market Dim Sims

A dim sim legacy began at South Melbourne Market.

My Market Story - Rita's Coffee & Nuts

A rich family history is alive and thriving.

My Market Story - Moses & Co Market Wholefoods

You can find everything you need at the market including good quaility wholefoods.

Videos for Markets

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Showcase your market’s traders with featured content stories

Would you like to share the love and passion your traders bring to your market?  Traders are the heart and soul of a market, and a series of ‘featured stories’ can let your community know a little more about them…


The Queen Victoria Market, aka Vic Market or Queen Vic, is a major landmark in Melbourne, Australia.  At around seven hectares (17 acres) is the largest open air market in the Southern Hemisphere.


The series of short films below, Hidden Stories, celebrates what makes Queen Vic Market so special. Each of the 12 short films was versioned at 2 minutes for Facebook, YouTube and the Market’s website, and 1 minute for Instagram.  They celebrate

  • how the Market brings people together
  • how traders work together and support each other
  • And how lifelong friendships are forged under the QVM’s iconic sheds.

Hidden Stories - Family Connections

Hidden Stories - Diversity

Hidden Stories - Friendship

Promote your unique events

Does your market have some unique special events it wants to bring to audience’s attention?  Or perhaps you want to let people know about foodie tours or traders specials?

Sometimes you need to share a variety of messages and you want to be sure your communication cuts through.

Quick bite-size highlight videos can be shared easily by consumers on social networks.  They spread the word, attracting both visitors and participants alike.

The videos below were comissioned by their respective markets to bring attention to specific events being held at each locality.

South Melbourne Night Market

Queen Vic Market - Ultimate Foodie Tour

Port Phillip Mussel & Jazz Festival

Highlight initiatives that are special to your marketplace

Sometimes you need to share a variety of messages about new initiatives at your market.

A series of videos can effectivly highlight these initatives and educate the public that you are putting new practices in place.

South Melbourne Market wanted to highlight its impressive sustainability initiatives and how they are reducting its environmental footprint.  They used a series of videos to announce a special month of activities for the public to particpate in – including the introduction of new high-tech bins at the market.  Let the sun shine!

Sustainable September - Our Journey Towards Sustainability

Sustainable September - Organic Waste Recycling

Sustainable September - Reducing Plastic Waste

Sustainable September - Our Traders Playing their Part

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When you tell your story, you can change the world. When you let your audience know about the amazing work you do you inspire them to join you. We’re proud to have produced over 1000+ videos in the past ten years communicating the vision, mission and values of our clients.

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