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Video Production For Advocacy 

Are you a leader of a  charity, not-for-profit, a lobbyist, advocate or activist struggling to move decision-makers to action? Maybe you’re hitting roadblocks when it comes to communicating the value of your policy recommendations.  Or finding it tough to cut-through the noise to have your issue identified as a government priority.

There’s no doubt you have a story to tell. The question is, how are you going to tell it?

Are you looking for a way to lasso eyeballs and keep policy makers’ attention firmly on your social issue? 


So that you trigger a ‘call to arms’. Reach decision makers. Galvanise political action.

Achieve long-lasting systemic change before it’s too late.

You’re fighting the good fight 

But getting results can be difficult. You’ve tried a myriad of tactics like flyers, ads or social posts but you still feel like you’re yelling into the void.

Then BAM. You discover the power of impact films.

What are impact films?

Carefully crafted films using moving pictures for advocacy purposes.  

They combine the power of relatable human interest stories that pull on the heartstrings, with the intellectual rigour of prosecuting a convincing case for the greater good.

Are you starting to think that a video is the best way to fire up your advocacy efforts?

So that you change hearts and minds and make an actual difference. Because it comes as no surprise to you that time-poor leaders and senior executives favour short form video.

You can see it already. The snowball effect with your cause smack in the centre.

But imagine putting all your time and energy into creating a video for your advocacy work only to have it fall flat. No treasured heart emojis. No thought provoking discussions. No policy changes.

If you create it and publish it, they will come… won’t they?

Not so fast! The video part is only one piece of the change-making puzzle

An action-oriented video that shines a light on your important issue is the perfect move. But if you want to make lightening strike –  don’t try to do it all yourself.

You need to engage an impact film production house who can work with you to put a strategic outreach plan in place. 

So that you can define your issue.

Articulate the solution.

Ensure your message gets in front of those who you need to see it.

You need a team that can create impact films for multiple formats and forums.

And has the experience to back it up.


Moonshine Agency has advocated at a state and national level for homelessness, health, indigenous issues, children’s rights and more

And video production for advocacy is one of our specialities.

Our project Take Heart: the quest to rid Australasia from Rheumatic Heart Disease reached more than 12 million people, was screened at Parliament House in Canberra and informed political commitments of $68 million.

You can read the full evaluation here.

Together we can move your viewer to action 

Let’s talk about how we can partner with you to reach your engagement goals and build a video marketing strategy that shows your audience how to create the change needed.

Contact us for a free consultation on your next advocacy video project.

The Experience We Deliver

“We continue to be amazed by the work that Moonshine produces and are extremely grateful for your work in promoting palliative and end of life care issues. We will use ‘Kaye’s Story’ in our continuing advocacy efforts.”


Chief Executive Officer, Palliative Care Australia





“At IAHPC we have worked with Moonshine Agency several times in the past and they are fantastic. And we recently completed a fundraising project with them with a series of videos – the resulting videos are fantastic and very well done and the strategy well planned. It was a pleasure to work with Mike and the Moonshine team!”

Executive Director, International Association for Hospice & Palliative Care

“I would recommend Mike and Sue to any other social enterprises as an organisation which quickly grasps the issues and can articulate a plan.” 


Chairman, Common Ground Canberra

Clients We’ve Helped

World Heart Federation
Palliative Care Australia