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“Without diversity life would be very boring.” Catherine Pulsifer

Showcasing values-driven and pro-social activity

It has been said that the world’s problems are so great that it cannot be left to governments and the Non-Government Organisations to fix – commerce has to be actively involved.  Therefore, more companies see the need to include pro-social activities in their business model.  And employees increasingly value being employed by organisations that are implementing social procurement into their business model.

Corporate responsibility or social procurement programs come to life through video communications.  Videos effectively tell the story behind the pro-social value that’s been created.

The Victorian Government has partnered with Transurban to deliver the West Gate Tunnel Project.  The example videos above are from a video series that’s been produced to highlight the great work being undertaken by the project’s builders John Holland and CPB Contractors.  They’re providing jobs for those facing barriers to employment including Aboriginal people, long-term job seekers, asylum seekers, women, people with a disability and young Victorians.  These short films have been promoted widely to showcase the contractors’ commitment to employing and supporting people from diverse backgrounds on this project and beyond. 

They take great care to understand their clients and the scope of work
“Mike and Sue are the most wonderful film makers. They take great care to understand their clients and the scope of work, and for us, delivered a piece that was beyond what we could have hoped. Mike and Sue have worked with our students to build “digital stories”, and in doing so have shown their innate ability to connect with, build trust with, and understand the subjects of their films. We’ve been thrilled with the work that they have done for us.
On top of all this, they are wonderful people, generous, kind and caring. I recommend them highly!”

Edward Tudor

Chief Executive Officer, Melbourne Indigenous Transition School (MITS)

Social and sustainable outcomes

The series of short films below, Common Ground are about homelessness in Canberra.  Importantly, they helped to raise the necessary awareness and funds to build Canberra’s first affordable, safe housing development for the formerly homeless. 

These films had multiple screenings in Canberra including at Parliament House.  Also, the project attracted philanthropic and Government funding of over $20 million.  The videos attracted thousands of views online and featured in mass media coverage around the launch of the campaign.

Common Ground – Common Sense.  In our national capital, homelessness is increasing at an alarming rate.

Common Ground Canberra. The mission of Common Ground is to end homelessness in Canberra by developing permanent, high quality, supportive, safe housing for our most vulnerable homeless people.

Common Wealth: In the capital city of our Commonwealth – our political community founded for the common good – homelessness is growing at an alarming rate.

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Social inclusion takes many forms

When you tell your story, you can change the world. It makes sense to let your audience know about the amazing pro-social work you do. Because it’ll inspire them to join you. Hence, we’re proud to have produced over 1000+ videos in the past ten years communicating the vision, mission and values of our clients. 

Furthermore, two of our long-form video projects Take Heart and Little Stars have been internationally recognised.  They’ve both had nominations for the Japan Prize in Educational Media. Also, many of our other short films have won multiple awards.  You can visit the Awards page here.

Rheumatic Heart Disease, or RHD, is a largely invisible disease that threatens the lives of over 30 million children and young people around the world.

Little Stars tells the surprisingly life-affirming stories of young people around the world living with life-limiting illnesses.

The developing world represents over eighty percent of the world’s population. People living in these countries typically die younger, have less education and money.

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