Thomas Johns

Thomas Johns is a Video Editor at Moonshine Agency.

Editor, Videographer

First of all, Thomas Johns, or TJ, has recently achieved his goal of becoming a full-time Editor and Videographer for the Moonshine Agency team.

He completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Film and TV) at Deakin University, where he wrote and edited a multi award-winning graduate short film Life Party (2020), completing a portion of study in Japan, as well as producing an impact documentary Devoted (2018), along with many other films. He has also completed a Diploma in Audiovisual Technology. TJ’s interests include film, music, travel and cooking.

After freelancing as an editor, videographer, camera assistant, photographer, and sound recordist, he is driven to turn his skills towards a more meaningful goal of improving the world through impactful storytelling at Moonshine Agency.

Moonshine Agency is thrilled to be supporting the professional development of TJ in his role of editor and videographer.