Sue Collins

Sue Collins is a Producer and Co-Founder of Moonshine Agency

Principal, Producer, Change Agent

Sue’s passion is in creating projects that directly benefit others.  She puts her passion to work at Moonshine Agency by producing, writing, researching and creating content that inspires audiences and motivates them to take action. Sue seeks out stories that have potential for a positive outcomes, a focus on prevention or help the world progress.  Sue’s latest work Conquering Cancer (2021) shines a light on the opportunity to eliminate cervical cancer globally. It’s Sue’s first appearance onscreen, bringing awareness to this global health moonshot.

Sue’s past films have been acknowledged with a multitude of awards and her work has reached millions globally, shaped government policy and led to the development of several important social initiatives. Notably Take Heart (2016) has grown from an impact film aimed at educating health workers and First Nations communities about how to prevent Rheumatic Heart Disease, to form a civil society movement.  The focus is advocating to the Australian Government to fund a prevention program and enable the elimination of this deadly but preventable disease.  Deadly Heart, the sequel to Take Heart will release in March 2022. 

Sue has also produced impact films advocating for increased access to palliative care including Life Before Death (2012) Little Stars (2015), Hippocratic (2018). A new work Live The Life You Please is currently in production.  Sue’s films have screened at the United Nations and Houses of Parliament around the world.She has travelled extensively in her work, including to China, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Italy, Greece, the UK, Ireland, India, South Africa, the USA and Canada.

Sue is a founding partner in Moonshine Agency.

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