Paul Glubb Biography

This page contains the Paul Glubb biography.  Team member at Moonshine Agency.

Paul Glubb Biography

Editor, Filmmaker

First of all, Paul Glubb is a multi-talented filmmaker.  Furthermore, he has a creative background, thorough technical knowledge, and high-level project management experience.

Also, from 2008 to 2013, Paul was the VFX Producer at Peter Jackson’s post-production facility Park Road Post in Wellington, New Zealand.

Subsequently, in 2013, the New Zealand Film Commission funded short film Here Be Monsters.  And this film went on to win Best Short Film at the New Zealand Film Awards.

So Paul now lives in Melbourne.  And after working at a very high level in the film industry he is looking to apply the skills and experience he has towards projects that positively impact the world.

He is excited to be achieving this goal by joining the team at Moonshine Agency.

Connect with Paul on LinkedIn or IMDB.

Paul Glubb Biography

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