Mike Hill Biography

Filmmaker and Founder of Moonshine Agency.
Founder, Filmmaker, Writer, Director

Mike is a multi-award winning filmmaker and content creator. First of all, he has dozens of hours of produced credits. Subsequently, his passion is in crafting memorable screen stories that inspire change.

Furthermore, a passion for creating content and ensuring it reaches those who need to see it drives Mike in his daily practice. So he aspires to produce Academy-standard documentaries, drama films, quality television, and virtual reality experiences. And as a result, Mike seeks to create deep empathy, inspiring audiences to gently shake the world.

Therefore, working with like-minded collaborators worldwide to advance humanity through health, education, science, and social justice are the great joys of Mike’s work. So Mike loves to work with entrepreneurs, activists, and innovators to create powerful content. And as a result, shifts consciousness and moves audiences to action.

Also, Mike is a graduate of the prestigious Australian Film, Television and Radio School and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Finally, he founded Moonshine Agency in 2010. Most importantly, he is inspired to build a creative social enterprise guided by his passion for making a positive impact.

So his past film work was released theatrically in major film festivals and broadcast on dozens of networks around the world. Subsequently, films he has directed have been broadcast on ABC, SBS, Fox, Al Jazeera, Channel 7 and Amazon Prime. Also, his commercial work has appeared on all free-to-air commercial broadcasters.

Similarly, films and videos created by Mike have been recognized with over 40 international awards.

Finally, Mike has worked extensively with Australian screen agencies such as Screen Australia, Film Victoria, and Screen Tasmania. As well as the Governments of New Zealand and Fiji. And also leading international non-government organizations including Open Society Foundations, Lien Foundation, the Union for International Cancer Control, the Nando Peretti Foundation, CIMB Foundation, and the National Heart Foundation.

So Mike’s travels have taken him to over 35 countries. These include countries in Australasia, Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and North America. As a result, he has witnessed the power of personal stories that connect all of us through universal themes.

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