Location Photography Services

Places and spaces shape our world

Location Photography Services

This page is home to our location photography services.

Aligning with our founding philosophy that stories shape our world, one of our great passions is field photography. And we’ve been lucky enough to shoot in every Australian state and in over 40 countries around the world. Check out our Insta page for a sample.

So if you’re looking for inspired photography and photographers with soul, yu’ve come to the right place. Moonshine Agency has a variety of experienced photographers and the latest gear. You may also be interested in our product photography service.

Moonshine Agency is an impact film production house creating content with a purpose. Our mission is to move humanity forward through compelling visual communication strategies and tactics that take audiences from passive viewer to active participant..

We’re proud to be easy to work with, offer affordable rates and quick turnarounds. Intrigued? Check out independent reviews on Google.


Location Photography Services 

“Just wanted to acknowledge how delighted we are to be working with Moonshine. Their professionalism and attention to detail is outstanding and we will continue to work with them from here on. The Moonshine team is very efficient and accommodating in meeting our short deadlines and standards. We would highly recommend this team and look forward to building a stronger relationship with such wonderful talented people. Thank you Moonshine Agency for all your hard work and commitment.”

Terry Lay

Founder, Sudo Kids