Independent School Video Marketing

This page provides a case study about independent school video marketing services for Caulfield Grammar School provided by Moonshine Agency.

Independent School Video Marketing Case Study:
The Learning Project At
Caulfield Grammar School

The Learning Project is a series of buildings. And they provide flexible, comfortable, and untraditional learning environments.

Caulfield Grammar School launched the project in 2014. With the aim of liberating the school to create cultural change.

Three relocatable buildings designed by Hayball Architecture were dropped onto three metropolitan Melbourne campuses.

The learning spaces are jam-packed with bright colors, interconnected areas. And also comfy seats, and non-territorial ‘classroom’ environments.

Designs were based on cutting edge research that suggests students learn best in a self-guided, project-based model. Where they are able to work with their peers to problem solve.

The Learning Project’s flexible design enables experimentation and an ever-changing environment for the future.

Independent School Video Marketing

Independent School Video Marketing – The James D. MacConnell Award.

Hayball Architecture was selected as a finalist for the prestigious international James D. MacConnell Learning Environment Design Award. This nomination recognised Hayball’s impressive work on The Learning Project at Caulfield Grammar School.

Moonshine Agency was contracted to create a short film to showcase the project. As well as providing complimentary independent school video marketing services to Caulfield Grammar School.

Drawing upon extensive experience in creating award-winning impact films and content. Moonshine Agency put together a finalist video and Hayball’s Learning Project took home the top gong.

Video is the best way to tell a story by actively engaging viewers with the power of visual communication. All the while audiences hear the voices of designers, students, and teachers.

A short film provides the opportunity to reach a wide audience. And it showcases your excellence in education. And your innovation.

Our independent school video marketing services are developed through strategic collaboration with all key stakeholders.

Independent school video marketing

From the onset, we collaborated with all the key stakeholders. And subsequently found consensus through a strategic communications workshop. The outcomes of that workshop informed a production plan. And also the script was developed in detail before filming on a motion-control camera over multiple days. This enabled us to capture the spaces and a series of insightful interviews.

The drone footage was also utilized to incorporate impressive aerial footage.

The end result was a versatile film which saw Hayball win the award.

It continues to be used as a promotional piece. As well as for mainstream media engagement, industry media, and internal knowledge sharing. The content has also been used for web and social platforms. And via expert blogs.

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Moonshine Agency’s specialist team works directly with schools like Caulfield Grammar. And also architecture firms like Hayball. To tell the stories that matter!

Our extensive film-making experience and storytelling expertise enables us to create engaging content. And this content highlights your innovation in education.

If you are considering showcasing your school or architectural project with a film. We’d love to hear from you and have a chat about how it works.

“Sensational! Working with Moonshine has been a terrific experience – your skill in understanding our needs, and the professionalism and skill with which you executed an excellent outcome are what we value most.”
KT Trengove

Practice Communications, Hayball Architects

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