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This page contains a case study about Facebook video ads produced by Moonshine Agency for small enterprise Ignite Mr Right.

Ignite Mr. Right

Ignite Mr. Right is a specialist coaching service brought to you by Camille Thurnherr, one of Australia’s leading dating experts.

Through education, empowerment, and environment, Camille introduces clients to the concept of ‘how’ to attract their Mr. Right, so they can have the loving and fulfilling relationship they deserve.

Moonshine Agency produced a series of Facebook video ads to help grow this enterprising small business.

Facebook Video Ads That Sell

Camille engaged Moonshine Agency to create a series of 4 Facebook video ads to create a sales funnel driving leads, enquires and conversions.

Camille identified her potential customers were active on Facebook and hypothesized that if she delivered value to this group, they would be more likely to engage her as a coach.

And guess what – it worked a charm!  The campaign has been so successful that Camille’s calendar has been jam-packed with bookings since the release of her Facebook video ads.

Give Value, Give Value, Give Value, Ask

Camille followed the successful marketing mantra that if she gave value 3 times, then asked her potential customers to try her out, they would be more likely to do so.

So a series of 4 Facebook video ads were created in her sales funnel.  She generously gave value by sharing her professional insights into finding Mister Right, and the 4th asked her audience if they’d like to go one step further by engaging her as a coach on a one-to-one basis.

Stories Sell

Camille also identified that her story and the stories she had to share were among the greatest assets to her business.

“What’s the best way to grow my business using marketing?”

That’s the number one question business owners have.  But the real answer to that question isn’t about tactics, it’s about you…  What makes your business unique and valuable – is you.

Facebook video ads are a great way to share your story with your audience in an authentic way.


Are you wondering how video could work to advance your mission?

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In fact, the common thread between most successful enterprises today is that they have “remark-able” stories to share with us – meaning we remember and remark on them.

Camille thought this sounded like the way of the future -and she was right!

Find Out More

At Moonshine Agency, we help you to translate your story into video and deliver it to your audience through digital and social media. 

Stories are how we connect and get emotionally engaged with brands.  And video is the best way to share stories today.  Why?  Because moving pictures are processed 60,000 faster and remembered 7 times better than the written or spoken word.  Video is the king of content.

We work with you to grow your supporter base through video content that’s valuable and relevant.   This dramatically expands your profile online, creates a need for your service and positions your brand as the “go-to”.

If you’d like to find out more about how video content marketing might work for you, drop us a line – we’re here to help!

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