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“We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us” ~ Churchill

Working with Moonshine has been a terrific experience
“Sensational! Working with Moonshine has been a terrific experience – your skill in understanding our needs, and the professionalism and skill with which you executed an excellent outcome are what we value most.”

KT Trengove

Practice Communications, Hayball Architects

They demonstrated a professional approach and openness
“Thanks Moonshine for the successful outcome of our recent video presentation. Although we provided you with a challenging timeframe and tight budget, your professional approach and openness has instilled a confidence and trust that will continue to forge a strong and successful working relationship with Amicus. We look forward to your valued contribution to future endeavours.”

Chris Maguigan

State Manager, Amicus Interiors

Video marketing is the most powerful tool available to architects to demonstrate how human experiences are enhanced through thoughtful, artful design.

Architecture video marketing: Schools, workplaces and residences inform the way we learn, work and live.  We all know architecture is a visual medium and architects are brilliant at capturing their stories through still photography.  But what about moving images that speak to the lived experience of those learning, teaching, working and residing in those spaces?

A huge opportunity exists for architects to show how their work enhances the lived experience.  Humans are visual animals.  We process images 60,000 times more efficiently than words.  That’s why, on average, we’re all watching so much more than we’re reading.  And, since the dawn of time, we have evolved in a way that sharing stories has become the cornerstone of our communication.

We invite you to sample some of the screen stories shared on this page and welcome you to reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about the video production process, how it works, what works and why.  Like film, architecture is a form of storytelling – a story about how we live, learn and work in the 21st Century.  Bringing these two art forms together is undoubtably the way of the future.

Wyndham Tech School

Explore how Gray Puksand Architects have created a STEM Innovation Hub in Wyndham Tech School.

Hazel Glen College

Learn how Minx Architecture have created a greenfields community hub in a newly developed suburb.

Coatesville Primary School

Discover how ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects have reimagined the teaching and learning experience at Coatesville Primary School.

Workspaces echoing Vision, Mission, Values

Architecture, interior design and construction have the opportunity to establish, reframe and amplify organisational culture.  Sharing stories about how spaces inform human behaviour offers an enormous opportunity and point-of-difference to architects, interior design and construction companies.

Video storytelling that explores how spaces are conceived, enhanced and delivered showcases the promise your future projects will deliver on.  Imagine you’re in a competitive pitch meeting.  Your presentation is winding to a close.  You dim the lights, turn up the volume – your audience is captive.  You run a short film that clearly and concisely positions you as the perfect fit for the project.   How much did you just increase your chances of success?

Putting your best foot forward for a big account starts with aligning your story with your audience.

Video case studies are the prefect way to demonstrate how the spaces you create enhance lived experience.

Position yourself as a leader in your field by embracing video marketing.

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