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Innovation High

Think back to your high school years for a moment – what were they like? Do you remember how the classroom was set up? Who your favourite teacher was? What about the actual learning part –what can you recall? Was it all about the curriculum, or did you feel a sense of community and connection too?

Was school something you ever looked forward to? Or did you have to be dragged there every morning, shoulders slumped, shirt crumpled, with recess and lunchtime the only reprieve.

Whether you enjoyed it or not, high school plays a critical role in our life. In many ways, a nation’s future relies on the education its children receive. But while our world has shifted significantly over the last century, our basic schooling model has remained the same. 

So is it time to re-think the entire structure?

Innovation High is an original web series about the future of education, asking: if you could design the school of the future, what would it look like?


New School

New School explores compelling new approaches that are transforming education as we know it, providing examples of programs and spaces already in action. This new vision places students at the centre, inspiring educational institutions worldwide to recognise what the next generation of learners are capable of.

Through the stories of three remarkable education communities that are reimagining the concept of ‘school’ altogether, the Innovation High team ask viewers to consider what types of environments will best equip students to succeed in the 21st century.

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Innovation High
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