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Futurists World

Have you ever found yourself wondering if technology is changing what it means to be human? Or if the robot revolution is coming for your job? What about the future of travel after a global pandemic kept everyone out of airports and locked inside their homes? And education – what might that look like in years to come? 

These are the questions Mike Hill and the Moonshine Agency team ponder often. So we created Futurists World to help all of us see the future a little more clearly. 

Futurists World is an original video streaming and audio podcast series exploring different profiles of the future through the stories of scientists, innovators and thought-leaders. The series celebrates the exploration of possible futures by considering various themes including society, technology, happiness and time.

Futurists World will remind you that your future is not set and that you really can change your path forward. 

You just need to be inspired to do so.