Video Marketing Case Studies

What’s the best way to grow my business using marketing?

That’s the number one question business owners have.  But the real answer to that question isn’t about tactics, it’s about you…What makes your business unique and valuable – is you.

In fact, the common thread between most successful enterprises today is that they have “remark-able” stories to share with us – meaning we remember and remark on them.

At Moonshine Agency, we help you to translate your story into video and deliver it to your audience through digital and social media.   

Stories are how we connect and get emotionally engaged with brands.  And video is the best way to share stories today.  Why?  Because moving pictures are processed 60,000 faster and remembered 7 times better than the written or spoken word. 

In short, video is the king of content.

Amicus Interiors

Amicus Interiors is an innovative Australian workplace design and fit out company.  A key part of Amicus’ unique selling proposition is demonstrating how they bring workplaces to life.  When we first met Amicus, they had a collection of beautiful photo galleries showing their terrific workplace designs.  But they hadn’t yet told the stories about how those designs informed the experience of the people who worked in them.

South Melbourne Market

South Melbourne Market is a treasured inner city landmark and a favourite amongst locals and visitors.  It welcomes over 4 million visitors every year.  In 2017, the Market celebrates its 150th birthday.  To mark the occasion and drive even more shoppers there, Moonshine Agency was brought in to produce a series of 12 short films telling the market story of a diverse group of traders.  Each of the 12 short films were versioned at 2 minutes for Facebook, YouTube and the Market’s website, and 1 minute for Instagram.  Portrait photography of the traders was also supplied to compliment and amplify the campaign.

Space Real Estate

Space Real Estate is  Melbourne based real estate company offering property services, including residential sales, project sales, property management, settlement support, site acquisition and feasibility studies.  A key part of Space’s unique selling proposition is a bespoke service designed to exceed expectations by delivering strong financial returns for every client through integrity, reliability and personal service.  Moonshine Agency has worked with Space Real Estate on several premium real estate marketing packages including videos showcasing multi-million dollar properties in Melbourne which not only celebrate great homes but also tell a story about why that particular property is the perfect fit for its target buyer.

Melbourne Indigenous Transition School

The Melbourne Indigenous Transition School (MITS) seeks to empower Indigenous students moving from remote or regional communities to big city schools.  Every family wants the very best education for their children.  For some Indigenous families in remote and regional communities, this means moving away from home to school in a big city.  Making that step can be hugely difficult and MITS exists to help make that transition a success one.  Like the vast majority of Australian school’s today, MITS needs to raise extra funds each year to achieve its mission.  Our first project was to create a short film that captured the stories of students and reflected on how MITS was helping them transition to access the type of education and future they dreamed of.

Ignite Mr Right

Ignite Mr Right is a specialist coaching service brought to you by by Camille Thurnherr, one of Australia’s leading dating experts.  Through education, empowerment and environment, Camille introduces clients to the concept of ‘how’ to attract their Mr. Right, so they can have the loving and fulfilling relationship they deserve.  Camille engaged Moonshine Agency to create a series of 4 Facebook video ads to create a sales funnel driving leads, enquires and conversions.  Camille identified her potential customers were active on Facebook and hypothesised that if she delivered value to this group, they would be more likely to engage her as a coach.  And guess what – it worked a charm!  

Christina Nobel Children’s Foundation

Christina Noble Children’s Foundation (CNCF) is an international partnership of people dedicated to serving children.  Children in Vietnam and Mongolia in need of emergency and long-term medical care, nutritional rehabilitation, educational opportunities, vocational training and job placement, as well as children at risk of sexual and economic exploitation are the groups served by the Foundation. The Foundation had identified that their Noble Challenges series, where participants fund raised around adventure challenges, were among their most successful fundraising activities.  They had also identified how much work was involved in raising awareness and making the case for why participants should get involved.  That’s where we came in, to help CNCF tell the story about the life-changing experience participants has when they choose to get involved.

Video Marketing Packages



This affordable entry level package inspires your social network to become your best customers and sales force by sharing your stories across digital media on a regular basis.  


  • 6 Videos
  • 10 Social Videos
  • 36 Photos
  • Weekly Social Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Website Content
  • Social Platform Branding
  • Strategic Planning
  • Ongoing Support



This cost-effective package is ideal for medium-sized companies who are scaling up and supercharging their brand presence through premium digital content and social media marketing to create a powerful new sales funnel.


  • 26 Videos
  • 78 Photos
  • 12 Blogs
  • 12 EDMs
  • 12 e-signatures
  • Frequent Social Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Website Content
  • Lead Magnet Development
  • Landing Page Design
  • Conversion Tool Design
  • Social Platform Branding
  • Strategic Planning
  • Ongoing Support



Perfect for large corporations and public companies seeking a dedicated team to roll-out a consistent branded video content marketing campaign that adopts best practices in reaching audiences and promoting brands online.


  • Programming 12 Month Content Calendar
  • 52 Videos (quarterly shoots)
  • Pull videos: tutorials, how-to, demos, customer service
  • Push videos: episodic stories, passion points, editorial
  • 52 QR Codes (linked to videos)
  • 156 Photos (quarterly shoot)
  • 2 Tent-Pole Experiences: viral video, streaming event, contest
  • 2 YouTube Video Ads
  • 24 Blogs (fortnightly)
  • 24 EDMs (fortnightly)
  • 24 e-signatures
  • Daily Social Marketing
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Website Content
  • Lead Magnet Development
  • Landing Page Design
  • Conversion Tool Design
  • Social Platform Branding
  • Gold-Standard Content Optimisation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Ongoing Support

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