Emma de Campo Biography

This page contains the Emma de Campo biography.  Team member at Moonshine Agency.


Emma de Campo Biography

Marketing Assistant

Emma de Campo, who goes by Em, is a Marketing Assistant at Moonshine Agency.
Em had previously worked at Moonshine Agency in the capacity of Production Assistant during the release of Hippocratic in 2018.
She subsequently worked as a Project Manager at the Brotherhood of St Laurence’s innovative energy saving program supporting low-income households. She has also worked with several purposeful organisations including the Moreland Energy Foundation, Uniting Care, Malaleuca Refugee Centre and the United Nations.
Em is passionate about the environment, sustainability and reversing climate change. Her interests include travel, culture, volunteering and spending time in nature.
She holds a Masters of International Policy Studies and a Bachelor of Arts from La Trobe University and a Certificate IV in Renewable Energy from Swinburne.
Em speaks and writes Mandarin and has lived in China. She has also held a number of community leadership positions including as a Board Member at the Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies (CERES) and worked as a mentor to LGBTIQ young people at Mind the Gap to develop their leadership and advocacy skills.
Moonshine Agency is thrilled to be supporting the professional development of Em in her new role.

Emma de Campo Biography

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