In 2018, Moonshine Agency competed for and won a request for proposals for a film project aligned with UICC’s advocacy campaign, Treatment for All. Within a matter of months, Mike and his team helped us storyboard, film and produce powerful films about promoting greater equity in access to cancer services around the world. Every detail was well planned, and turned what could have been a daunting, time consuming project into an exciting opportunity to showcase our work and the work of our members in new, cinematic ways. In addition to providing us with quality films to highlight our advocacy efforts, Mike and his team also brought the limelight to the people we work with, and gave them a platform to elevate their work and their voices. All who participated in the film had a great experience, and were eager to share the film through their own channels, whether it be in Uganda, Mexico, Switzerland or Indonesia, due to the inclusive filming and production process that encouraged them to speak in their mother tongues and to ground responses in their contexts, knowing that appropriate subtitles would be provided as necessary for viewers. This multicultural approach helped to meet UICC’s need in exhibiting Treatment for All as a campaign for everyone, an advocacy call to action that can be raised in any language to achieve a united goal. We are very grateful for the opportunity to have embarked on this project with Moonshine Agency. Thank you!
Micaela Neumann

Advocacy Manager, Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)

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