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Moonshine Agency has been a part of the planning and creation of some short impact films for an educational study called The CHOICE Project for the University of Melbourne and St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne over the past 12 months. The project explores how storytelling in film can best connect with viewers and influence attitudes and behaviours towards health care. Anna Collins, the lead investigator for the project, tells us a bit about her research and how you can get involved.

What does the project aim to achieve?

The CHOICE Project aims to determine how to optimally communicate with community members about their options for care if faced with a serious illness. Navigating health care can be really tricky for most of us who are unfamiliar with the systems of care available. We think it’s really important for community members to be informed so that individuals are aware of their choices if they ever find themselves or someone they love requiring care for an illness. Imagine a community that was informed about their choices for care – prepared and empowered to navigate the system to access the sort of care that supports their goals. This is what we hope to achieve through a better understanding of how to discuss these issues with the community.

What will the research be used for?

This is part of a pilot phase, which seeks to answer questions about ideal messaging, storyteller and format. We hope to use the results of this research to inform a bigger, evidence-based, public health campaign around Palliative Care.

Can you tell us a bit about your findings so far?

People do seem to show preferences for particular stories told by particular characters – but as everyone is (randomly) allocated to see just one story – I can’t say too much more about that so we don’t spoil the results! What I can say though is that we have found most people who participate are surprised to find out how little they actually know about the care that’s available to support people living with a serious illness! It’s been great to hear that people are learning something just by participating.

How has Moonshine Agency supported the project?

Moonshine collaborated with us in the development, filming and production of the short stories in the impact films. From day one Mike and Sue have been really terrific to work with! I think they really see the potential benefit in answering some of these fundamental questions and collecting some evidence-based research about how to engage with the community on these topics before launching a campaign!

How can people get involved?

If you’re an adult living in Australia and are not a health professional, you are eligible to participate. It’s quick, easy and anonymous – you just need about 10 minutes and access to a computer to complete the project. You can get started here:

We also encourage you to share the link with friends and family.

Talk to us about creating impact films. 

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