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How to master your message.

Welcome to the Moonshot series where your hosts Mike Hill and Sue Collins are discussing the seemingly impossible and how how to make it possible. They‘re talking about impact, unpacking what that means and also just how to move humanity forward.

This is the (drumroll) FIRST episode! Wahoo….

So how do you master your message?

Mike and Sue have been working at crafting messages for a decade and they are all about making an impact. Their motivation to share this with you comes down to the old adage ‘if a tree falls in the forest and no-one is there to hear it- did it make a sound?’

Don’t let your message be the silent tree falling.

Watch this episode or the listen to the podcast and you’ll gain some super useful insight into how to craft a really effective communications strategy.

And frankly, your project will be the noisiest dame forest to ever have a tree fall. There’s no way it’ll fall on deaf ears and you will make an impact.

If you’re short on time and just want to skip to the episode highlights

1:58 – How do you take your big idea and get to the end goal?

2:37 – How do you get everyone on the same page to achieve your goal?

3:07 – How do you figure out who your audience is?

3:45 – Who is the decision maker that can make your goal a reality?

7:55 – How will you get your message out to your audience?

10:57 – The Call- To- Action

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