Sustainable Practice – It’s so Easy to Love!

Sustainable Practice – It’s so Easy to Love!

Why We Loved Sustainable September

Wow, have the team at Moonshine been on an amazing learning curve about sustainable practice over the past couple of months in preparation for South Melbourne Markets ‘Sustainable September’. 

I’ve always been passionate about healthy eating and looking after the environment but when South Melbourne Market asked us to help create some videos about their sustainable practice we found ourselves in for an unexpected journey of discovery.

I’d been very familiar with the South Melbourne Market and had shopped their regularly years ago when I lived in Albert Park. So I already had a fondness for shopping there. Now though, on learning what they are up to – I’m a regular again but not in the way you might think.  More on that later.

Here are some things myself and the Moonshine team learned about sustainable practice when making these videos:

Food miles matter way more than you might have realised

When you purchase fresh produce from the big chains you don’t really know where it has come from. Something I first learned about when watching (of all things) Rachel Hunters’ ‘Tour of Beauty‘ where she learns from Australian food scientist, Vic Cherikoff that fresh produce may not be so fresh.  For example, oranges imported from the USA are frozen for transport – often a year in advance before it gets to your large chain supermarket. The nutrients are significantly depleted or gone completely so although you think you’re eating a healthy orange loaded with vitamins, you may be getting a healthy choice only minus the vitamins! Huh…

Sustainable practice fresh food apples Moonshine Agency

“Most fruits and vegetables are picked unripe, stored chilled for up to 6 months or more, gas ripened as needed and slowly released to the distribution chain to end up on the ‘fresh’ produce shelves of a store near you.” Vic Cherikoff  


When you purchase fresh produce from a supermarket it may have travelled hundreds if not thousands of miles to get to you. That equals fuel costs that are adding up to carbon emissions. Not great!

Good news – when you purchase fresh produce from many of the traders at a market, much of the produce, if not all comes from suppliers that are local and this is supporting local growers. And you can just ask them where they source their produce, no labels required.

Sustainable practice shop at a local seller Moonshine Agency
sustainable practice reusable cups

Shop local and support local business

This is pretty self-explanatory – buy from a local shop and you’re helping your local business’ stay in business!

An added benefit is that if you buy locally, you can have some input into the goods they supply.  For example, if there’s demand for fresh celeriac and you can’t get it, ask the owner and they might be able to source it for you.  I had a friend a few years back who got together with her local mums’ group and persuaded their local IGA to stock a sustainable nappy brand and the owner did.  Everyone was happy.  Demand = supply.

Disposable cups

I don’t want to alarm you but your take away coffee cup is killing the fish.

Did you know Australians are estimated to use 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year!!  They are estimated to be the second- largest contributor to litter waste after plastic bottles. (source Sarah Whyte 7:30)

Many of the market coffee traders are now providing a discount when you bring your own cup and supplying reusable cups for sale.

And yes, I feel very guilty buying a takeaway coffee in a throwaway cup now- my behaviour has changed.

Fed up with the big chains but don’t have time to get to a market?

Answer (for Melbourners at least) ‘Your Grocer’!  This is so simple.  When I was having a discouraged moment, complaining to a friend that although I really wanted to shop at the markets, I just didn’t have time – she said, “Have you tried ‘Your Grocer’? They deliver straight from the market”. Genius!

Shopping via ‘Your Grocer’ has revolutionised my life – I have not been to a big chain supermarket in two months. I’d previously tried a number of times getting groceries delivered from both Coles and Woolworths and it was the worst experience. They are almost always late and I mean late. I’ve book a window from 5 pm – 7 pm and paid top dollar for the privilege only to call at 7 pm to find out where the goods are and be told, “Oh sorry, the driver is delayed and is expecting to deliver around 11 pm”. I told them to forget it and for my trouble I got a $5 voucher code emailed to me for use on my next order… I digress.

Your grocer delivery service sustainable practice

Benefits I’ve found

‘Your Grocer’ deliver from a number of markets including South Melbourne Market. They pack in boxes (only plastic bags for perishables) and they take the boxes back so no over crammed recycling bin. 

– ‘Your Grocer’ are generally on time and call if they’ll be late, which so far is about 20 minutes max. 

– They’ll leave goods on your doorstep if you give them permission to.

– Delivery is free if you spend more than $60.

– The produce has been excellent quality every delivery so far.

– It’s super easy to order online and if you do it before 12 pm, it’s same day delivery!

– They are connected to an IGA so you can get everything you need, not just fresh produce.

– Think fresh bread and chocolate croissants delivered to your door… Mmmm…. Croissants…

Unexpected benefits

Because it’s so easy to use, I realised the other day that I hardly ever throw food out anymore.  Although I used to plan the week’s meals and do one shop a week, I tended to overbuy to avoid running out mid-week and needing to do another trip to the supermarket. With ‘Your Grocer’ delivering every day of the week, I just have to plan a few days in advance and there is nowhere near as much waste, perhaps that’s more of an accidental sustainable practice! According to Marie Forleo we currently waste about one-third of all food produced worldwide- while hundreds of millions of people go hungry every day.  This outcome is awesome.

Oh yeah, and the produce stays fresh for much longer too.

So all in all, we learned a lot. I’ve only touched on few of the initiatives the market has going on – watch this video to see much more.  Solar, recycled water, Wrigley recyclers, Gaia machines to name just a few more initiatives.  You can see it all in these videos below.

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about sustainable practice. Happy sustainable shopping.

Best wishes,

Video Content Marketing: 10 Tips on how to promote your video – you don’t have to be an expert!

Video Content Marketing: 10 Tips on how to promote your video – you don’t have to be an expert!

Don’t believe the hype!

Your current experience with video content marketing is telling you this.  But you keep hearing things like-

If your not using video in your content marketing then you’re missing out on important online marketing opportunities. 

Is this really true for video content marketing or is it just hype?

Videos on landing pages increase conversions by 86%. (source)

51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. (source)

74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video. (source)

These stats certainly back video content marketing.

Moonshine Agency Blog Video Marketing Content Sue Collins

When you consider that visual data is processed 60,000 faster by the brain than text, it’s not hard to understand why.

However, just having a video on your site isn’t going to convert unless your site is already getting loads of traffic through your other marketing activities. 

Build it and they will come

Nope, not likely.

There is just too much competition online for your audience to find you organically.  You need to make it easy for them to find you.

If you’ve already invested the time and money into creating a fantastic video (or two) and they’re on your website but there are next to no views, you’re probably feeling pretty frustrated. That means 0 return on investment and all the stats on how great video is can not change that. 

Do not despair, your video is not a marketing lemon. 

You may not have a marketing team or content marketing specialist to call on but there are plenty of simple things you can do to get your video out in the online world. 

If you want your video to start bringing in the bacon, then here are a few ideas to get you started.

You Tube

Have you posted your video on You Tube? It is the second largest  search engine on the internet with 1.6 billion searches per month. With a little bit of work you can get this working for you and your video listing better.

Tip 1- Make sure your video title contains your key search word/s. In the first few lines of text under your video, make sure your key search words are in the copy.  Try to use these key words a few more times in the text. 

Why? Because Google and You Tube can’t watch or listen to your video (yet) so the better the text around your video the better they will understand your video’s topic.  The clearer the topic the better it will rank in search.

Tip 2.  Do you have the same call to action in your video description text as you have on your video. For example- ‘Visit for more information.’  This link should be in the first line of description text.  This reinforces the message for anyone who reads the copy but it also adds a nice source for links which is great for helping your website rank for organic terms.

Tip 3. Use a Custom Thumbnail. You can do this by either choosing a frame when you upload the video from the video manager tab in You Tube or better yet, by uploading a Custom Thumbnail that you have created- ideally with text such as your videos title.  According to WISTIA simply adding a Custom Thumbnail could up your play rate by 10%.  Tip 5: you need to verify your YouTube Channel in the settings to activate the Custom Thumbnail feature.

Tip 6.  Add a hyperlink to your video itself using the Annotations tool in the Video Manager.

Social Media

Putting your video out on social media is a must.  Visual content is more than 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content (Source). The more ways you put it into the online world the more chances you have of reaching your audience.

However, social media is like a bottomless pit and can easily suck hours of your time with very little return.  In my opinion, social media is something you’ll need to explore and play around with to find the right fit.  Are your customers on Facebook and Instagram?  Are they on Linked In, Pinterest, Snapchat or Twitter?  These platforms are all great but there is no way anyone has time to be consistent on all of them.  Even if its their full time job.

Moonshine Agency Blog Video Content Marketing Sue Collins Sundial

Tip 6.  Pick your platform.  If you think the majority of your customers are on a particular platform then this is where you should spend your social media time allocation, or at least 80% of it.  Then have a second and/or third platform and dedicate the last 20% of your time to servicing this audience. 

If you find after a few months you’re not getting any traction on your chosen platform, then look at one of the others and explore that.  For example, if you’ve seeing minimal results on Facebook then your customers are probably not there.  Try Linked In or Pinterest?  Personally, I’d do some research, ask your customers what platforms they use.  Check out your competitor pages and see where they are performing well. 

Tip 7.  Always remember, if you really want to engage your audience/ customers on social media then you need to be sharing useful content, not just random comments and a peppering of likes.  If you want your audience to engage, then you need to give them useful information that they value.  You don’t have to create all the content, share useful relevant articles, images and quotes that relate to your customers.

Video on Facebook: You can upload video directly, boost posts for relatively low cost and this allows you to target a very defined audience.  It’s good strategy for those who are social media time poor.

Tit bit- As at Q3 2015 Facebook video viewership sees 8 billion average daily video views from 500 million users- and thats up from just 4 billion video views per day in April 2015. (Source)

Moonshine Agency Blog Sue Collins Video Content Marketing Cows

Linked In.  You can upload video to your profile on Linked In.  You can also publish blogs.  If you’ve gone to the effort to create a video then why not write a blog about the same topic as your video content and then embed the video into the blog.  It  doesn’t have to be a lengthy blog, just a relevant piece of content that relates to your video.

Tip 8. Linked In blogs tend to do well for sharing and when you write a blog it alerts your contacts and promotes your blog to them. A useful, relevant blog also has the added benefit of positioning you as an expert.

Google + Add your video to your Google+ company page.  Ask your customers to write you a review.  These reviews can also be added to your company website and other social media platforms. 

Tip 9: Consider asking your really happy customers to film a video testimonial.  It does not have to be long or fancy.  Why- Customer testimonials and case studies are considered the most effective content marketing tactics, identified by 89% and 88%, respectively, of B2B marketers. (Source 2013 B2B Content Marketing Trends Report).

Tip 10: Put your videos on your website.  I know it’s hard to believe, but we hear many stories of businesses that commission videos then forget to upload them to their websites!  This should be a quick and simple process and will improve the visibility of your website dramatically.

I hope you found this helpful, if you’d like to know more please get in touch. I could riff about this until the cows come home!

If you’ve had some good experiences with promoting your own video- please share, it’s really useful for all of us to know what can work.

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Video killed the radio star and I predict that video on demand will kill broadcast television

Please ponder this thought while you rock out to a bit of ‘The Bungles’.

Behind every great business is a great story!

Behind every great business is a great story!

Are you tapped into a business asset that has enormous potential to connect and resonate with your customers, is completely authentic and can be use across all your marketing? The great news is…. it already belongs to you


Do you want your customers to see you as a shooting star, a diamond in the rough or the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

If you’re in just about any business from Lawyer to Mortgage Broker, Personal Trainer to Real Estate Agent generally people who are seeking your services have a pretty good idea of what you do.  For a new customer to engage you, you need word of mouth, a good referral or to stand out from the crowd. 

So how do you do that simply and effectively?

Regardless of your marketing budget, where you invest your money is important.  Your marketing needs to provide results, it needs to cut through and convert your potential customers into your new customers, and your existing customers into repeat customers. 

Bigger brands with bigger budgets tend to yell the loudest, take up repetitive ad space and hammer people with a generic message because they’re too big to offer the all-important personal touch.  And that’s where the opportunity is to make your message different and memorable. 


“Different is better than better!”


World class branding expert Sally Hogshead explains in her book ‘Fascinate’.  When you’re marketing your brand it’s tough to be better than others but far easier to be different.  Being the best of the best takes resources ‘money’ and energy ‘time’, so if you can stand out from the crowd by having a point of difference then that is better than being better. Please remember we’re talking about marketing here – not suggesting you compromise the quality of your product or service.

Now the question is how do you make your brand different?  The good news is that it already is.  The story behind you and your business is the greatest differentiator that you have. You can make it your greatest marketing asset.  Because the story of your business is unique it will naturally be authentic to who you are and what your business is about.


As leadership expert Simon Sinek says- “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”.  When people learn about your story, they are learning about why you do what you do.  Let me drill down on this a bit further.  A quick Google search on any type of business will usually bring up many listings specific to a local area. 


What is it about your business that can set you apart from the crowd- answer: YOU!  Your passion, your motivation, your why – in short YOUR STORY.  What you do and why you do it will always be different to the next guys, and that’s what your potential customers want to know about.  And it’s really critically that you include YOU in YOUR STORY.

Here’s an example of how stories shape your business.  You’ve been putting money into various savings plans your whole career, from superannuation to purchasing your own home. You now have children and are keen to make the most out of your money so you can send the kids to University and to set you up for retirement.  You decide you need to speak with a Financial Advisor to get some expert advice. 

You do a quick search on Google and a few Financial Advisors come up in your area. On further research you learn that one has a solid background in finance, good credentials and has worked with major banks, their website looks polished and has some good sounding testimonials but there’s no genuine sense of the person or people behind the business. 

The next one you click on has similar credentials and good testimonials, however front and center, they also talk about their passion for helping their customers make good investments, that they get a thrill out of watching both the stock market and property markets and have a genuine belief that people should be able to access all the information needed to make strong decisions about their financial investments and secure their future. There website is straightforward and functional but they have published a range or professional videos and photographs that clearly communicate their story, their why.

Which one would you make a time to meet with?


What is your why?  What value can you bring that your competitors aren’t and how do you position this your value in your business through marketing?


If you’re a Chiropractor, you may want your patients to see you as a shooting star, one that lights up their day for a brief moment (and alleviates that crick in their neck) and then is gone into the night sky, only to return when they need you at their next appointment. 

Your story can help them understand your genuine drive to improve people’s health.

If you’re a Mortgage Broker you need a customers trust that you can deliver the best solution for them, that you have the passion and negotiation skills to find them the best deal, you become the diamond in the rough. 

The one they feel grateful to have discovered among the other Mortgage Brokers out there.

Their decision to pick you was on learning that you run a family business started by your father and you value the relationships you have with your clients. This aligns with their values.

 Or if you’re a Real Estate Agent, buying or selling, your clients are looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  They want to be sure you’ll ride the rainbow journey with them and not turn out to be the Leprechaun clutching the pot of gold at the end. 

Your story can give them confidence in that!

I’m sure you get the idea. Once you’re clear on your point of difference, the next step is to figure out how to tell your potential customers about it.   Have you defined your perfect customers?  They are your primary audience and the ones your story needs to align with.  The values they hold need to come through clearly in your story as this is what will set you apart from the rest.

 I hope this has helped you clarify the unique point of difference your story is for your marketing and how you can leverage it to engage your ideal customers. 

 Your next step is working out your budget and how you want to deliver that message.  Whether you want to produce a video, invest in professional photography, write a blog, use social media and direct marketing or engage a graphic designer to create an ad.  All of these work and work well together. 


The reality is, no matter what you decide it will take some time and resources. 


Because most of us are now reading less and watching more, videos are fantastic as you can communicate a lot of information in a short amount of time, people can get a sense of you immediately and you can begin building trust right away.  However, your potential audience still needs to see it to be converted.

 Likewise, blogs are great as they can position you as an expert and you can put them on your website, e-newsletter, send tweets and Facebook posts to promote it.  You could also use this same content to create a video that will do the same. However, your potential audience still needs to see it to be converted.

 Online ad’s and print advertising can also work well but can be costly depending on where you run the ad’s so the success will come down to budget.

 You’ve probably noticed by now that I love telling stories and as I specialize in video, I naturally recommend it.  I know how powerful it is in quickly delivering a message.  Often you only have seconds to deliver your message before your potential customer has clicked away so memorability, clarity and speed are key.

 If you’re keen to learn more about how you could craft your story to attract more customers and also market it effectively to get the best return on the investment, please subscribe to our Activating Audiences newsletter where we share loads of information and tips on digital communications, leave me a comment below or get in touch.

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