Authentic Videos Work Better Than Ads

So this blog post explains why authentic videos work better than ads based on the latest trend data from Google.

Authentic Videos Work Better Than Ads

YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine.  Second only to Google.  And they’re part of the same company – Alphabet.  As a result, YouTube publishes the best trend data about videos and how they’re consumed via Think with Google

Importantly, YouTube has now identified a strong trend away from traditional ads featuring celebrities and showy product shots.  And it reports a related trend towards authentic, branded content featuring influencers and insights that ring true.

Subsequently, content featuring real people sharing truth is 4 times more effective than celebs or paid actors regurgitating lines written by clever ad execs.

And the same drop off in cut-through applies to generic video ads crafted from stock libraries.

So audiences are turning away from content that feels fake or generic in greater and greater numbers.

Why It Matters

So we now live in a world where even the news is too often fake.  Therefore, audiences and consumers are flocking to authentic content.

And time and again, brands and organizations come to me and ask.  So why isn’t my content working?  Besides I’ve invested in producing it.  Or.  Another thing is we’re using the latest software service.  And.  Most of all I’ve spent a small fortune advertising it.  But it’s not working.

So then I look at the content and the problem is evident.  Above all it screams advertising.   Because it’s too polished, or too corporate, or too generic.  In short, it feels fake, posed, or salesy.

And given the sheer amount of advertising targeted at us all on social media these days.  Likewise your online audiences may well feel like they’re navigating a market in Ho Chi Min City where even trader they pass screams “Buy Now!”

So increasing numbers of them just skip-on-by without a second glance.

So what’s the solution?

The solution is simple and effective.  Now we know for certain that authentic videos work better than ads.

So firstly, the solution is to stop making ads.  And to substitute them with authentic bite-sized content.

Secondly, swap expensive celebrities or paid actors for real-people.  Or influencers your audience already trusts.

Thirdly, try a production company that specializes in authentic content, rather than a shiny ad producer.

Finally, avoid generic stock imagery that could just as easily apply to any of your competitors. 

Instead, invest in producing a pool of your own authentic images and video that are unique to your offering.

There are some excellent software services available that can really speed up the workflow of producing short-form videos.   

The key to utilizing these services in your toolkit is to customize them to represent your brand.  And to make it feel tailored for your audiences.

Authentic Videos Work Better Than Ads But Should Still Look Great

Content that’s authentic doesn’t mean cheap or unprofessional.  But it does need to ring true.

And most importantly, authentic videos should give your audiences something useful.  Like insight, inspiration or incentive. 

Authentic videos give your audiences a reason to stop, listen, connect and respond. 

In conclusion, the trend data clearly shows us that this approach works way better than ads screaming “Buy now!” as your audiences virtually walk-on-by.

By Mike Hill, Founder & Filmmaker, Moonshine Agency.

Moonshine Agency is a production company that specializes in producing authentic films and videos.  Working with leading brands and organizations around the world, the company’s mission to move humanity forward by telling stories that matter.

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