Authentic Videos Work Better Than Ads

Authentic Videos Work Better Than Ads

Authentic Videos Work Better Than Ads

So this blog post explains why authentic videos work better than ads based on the latest trend data from Google.

Authentic Videos Work Better Than Ads

YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine.  Second only to Google.  And they’re part of the same company – Alphabet.  As a result, YouTube publishes the best trend data about videos and how they’re consumed via Think with Google

Importantly, YouTube has now identified a strong trend away from traditional ads featuring celebrities and showy product shots.  And it reports a related trend towards authentic, branded content featuring influencers and insights that ring true.

Subsequently, content featuring real people sharing truth is 4 times more effective than celebs or paid actors regurgitating lines written by clever ad execs.

And the same drop off in cut-through applies to generic video ads crafted from stock libraries.

So audiences are turning away from content that feels fake or generic in greater and greater numbers.

Why It Matters

So we now live in a world where even the news is too often fake.  Therefore, audiences and consumers are flocking to authentic content.

And time and again, brands and organizations come to me and ask.  So why isn’t my content working?  Besides I’ve invested in producing it.  Or.  Another thing is we’re using the latest software service.  And.  Most of all I’ve spent a small fortune advertising it.  But it’s not working.

So then I look at the content and the problem is evident.  Above all it screams advertising.   Because it’s too polished, or too corporate, or too generic.  In short, it feels fake, posed, or salesy.

And given the sheer amount of advertising targeted at us all on social media these days.  Likewise your online audiences may well feel like they’re navigating a market in Ho Chi Min City where even trader they pass screams “Buy Now!”

So increasing numbers of them just skip-on-by without a second glance.

So what’s the solution?

The solution is simple and effective.  Now we know for certain that authentic videos work better than ads.

So firstly, the solution is to stop making ads.  And to substitute them with authentic bite-sized content.

Secondly, swap expensive celebrities or paid actors for real-people.  Or influencers your audience already trusts.

Thirdly, try a production company that specializes in authentic content, rather than a shiny ad producer.

Finally, avoid generic stock imagery that could just as easily apply to any of your competitors. 

Instead, invest in producing a pool of your own authentic images and video that are unique to your offering.

There are some excellent software services available that can really speed up the workflow of producing short-form videos.   

The key to utilizing these services in your toolkit is to customize them to represent your brand.  And to make it feel tailored for your audiences.

Authentic Videos Work Better Than Ads But Should Still Look Great

Content that’s authentic doesn’t mean cheap or unprofessional.  But it does need to ring true.

And most importantly, authentic videos should give your audiences something useful.  Like insight, inspiration or incentive. 

Authentic videos give your audiences a reason to stop, listen, connect and respond. 

In conclusion, the trend data clearly shows us that this approach works way better than ads screaming “Buy now!” as your audiences virtually walk-on-by.

By Mike Hill, Founder & Filmmaker, Moonshine Agency.

Moonshine Agency is a production company that specializes in producing authentic films and videos.  Working with leading brands and organizations around the world, the company’s mission to move humanity forward by telling stories that matter.

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Education Needs A Makeover

Education Needs A Makeover

Education Needs A Makeover

Discover why education needs a makeover in this blog by Mike Hill, producer of Innovation High.

Education Needs A Makeover

I’ve noticed when I say the words “education”, “teaching” and “learning” people fall asleep.  Not literally, but it has the same general impact.

Many of us, myself included, like to parrot pearls of wisdom like “Education is a passport to the future” (Malcolm X) and “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela).

But given the superficial interest we seem to show to education as a topic of conversation, these are platitudes at best.

What seems to interest most people outside the education sector, especially parents, are things like: prestige, price, uniforms and facilities.

Doesn’t this miss the point?  What is education actually for?

Maybe part of the solution is giving education a makeover, starting with some word-play. I’ll swap:

  • “Education” for “future-proofing”
  • “Teaching” for “coaching”, and
  • “Learning” for “mastery”

I want to future-proof my children in a rapidly changing world through expert coaching that provides mastery over the skills they’ll need to have a happy, meaningful, prosperous life.

Hmm, that might work better in getting their attention.

But wait, I also want that for myself. 

Why? Because it’s relevant to what I do and where I want to go.  It moves humanity forward.

And that’s what education for isn’t it – moving humanity forward.

One of the problems with how we view education is its hard-earned “old school” reputation.  In my opinion, this is not aided by the Hogwarty schools run by old boys where prestige, price, uniforms, and facilities, seems to get more airplay than future-proofing, coaching and mastery.

I’m fortunate enough to have seen many examples of innovation in my line of work as a filmmaker to know that cutting-edge education deserves more than a yawn or a snore.

In the upcoming series Futurists World I interviewed The Entourage founder Jack Delosa.  Jack’s a high-profile investor, one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs and has been listed in the Australian Financial Review’s Young Rich List.  Jack could do anything he wants but has turned his focus to education because he feels it is well-overdue for massive disruption.

In the original web series Innovation High about 21st Century Education, experts in the field echo Jack’s sentiments.  With the rapid move towards AI and automation, future-proofing is more important today than ever, and schools need to innovate and evolve fast to keep up.

Our work with groups like Learning Environments Australasia, Hayball Architecture and the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School demonstrates that great leaps forward are taking place right now and innovation is transforming outcomes for students.

So I think it’s high time education has a makeover and we should begin at the top with the Minister of Future-Proofing, leading the Department of Coaching & Mastery, committed to the Domestic Market Development of our Next Gen Tax Payers because “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” (Benjamin Franklin).

By Mike Hill, Founder & Filmmaker, Moonshine Agency


Film Video Editors Jobs

Film Video Editors Jobs

So this post is about film video editors jobs at Moonshine Agency in Melbourne.

Film Video Editors Jobs

Intermediate/ Senior Editing Opportunities

First of all, regular contracts are available for film video editors jobs at intermediate and senior levels.

About Moonshine Agency

So Moonshine Agency is a film company creating stories that change the world. Furthermore, our mission is to work with amazing people to make a lasting positive impact. So we produce great content and make sure it reaches its audience.

Subsequently, as a specialist agency based in Richmond, we are focused on creating films, campaigns and innovative projects that inspire change.  So we work with clients and also produce our own projects.  And our work revolves around effective visual storytelling through film, video, and photography.  Also, our focus is on moving audiences from passive consumption to active engagement across traditional and digital media.

Since 2010, our work has been viewed by millions across the world on TV and online.   And our team travels the country and the world to capture stories that inspire their audiences to take action.  So the projects we’ve produced have been recognized with over 40 international awards to date.

Furthermore, our thoughtful, innovative and creative approach is coupled with respect for audiences.  Finally, careful strategic planning and effective communication ensure we work closely with our collaborators to deliver successful, well-executed projects every time.

Learn more about our values.

Film Video Editors Jobs

Key Responsibilities.

End-to-end editing and delivery of content including:

  • Setting-up PP project based on ‘house’ standards.
  • Basic media management.
  • Syncing multiple cameras using PluralEyes.
  • Picture editing.
  • Intermediate color grading.
  • Basic and intermediate motion graphics using supplied assets.
  • Intermediate sound mixing.
  • Export & scheduled review delivery via Vimeo Pro.
  • Daily backups and peer-reviews.

System Information.

  • iMac Retina 5K 27 inch
  • iOS: Mac OS Sierra
  • Adobe Creative Cloud

Furthermore, Moonshine Agency prides itself on a strong, valued-based culture revolving around its mission to Tell your Story, Change the World.  So we are looking for a pool of freelance editors who share our values to work closely with us on an ongoing basis. 

Learn more about our values.

Finally, only positive team film video editors with the required skills, a keen eye for detail, a proven track record, who enjoy a creative challenge and have references need to apply.  if this sounds like the kind of team you want to be a part of, then please apply by emailing including a cover letter with your resume and references letting us know why we should meet with you.

Keep an eye on the Careers page for other production and post-production opportunities.

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